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How to use VideoAsk as an agency

VideoAsk offers numerous features that allow you to operate your account as an agency and wow your clients. Read on to learn more. 

Invite multiple clients to your organization and set up permissions

There's no need to set up separate accounts for each of your clients. Depending on your plan, you can have up to 10 seats in your organization.


Once you've invited your clients to your organization they'll have access to the same features as the account owner by default, but you can customize which folders and videoasks they can view and edit. 

For example, Abdul runs an agency creating social media content that helps build relationships across media platforms. He sets up individual folders in his VideoAsk account for each of his clients and restricts their access so they can only view and edit videoasks in their own folder. They won't see any of his other clients' videoasks, and won't be able to view any responses to videoasks other than their own.

⚠️ Important: If a videoask is stored in your Default folder (the folder where videoasks live if you haven't created any of your own folders), then anyone in your Organization can access it, edit it, or delete it.

Find out more about how to invite and manage team members in your organization.

Add branding and logos for each client

If you're on our Brand plan or above, you can remove our VideoAsk branding and apply your clients' own branding to videoasks.


When you set up a brand in your VideoAsk account, you'll be able to upload your clients' logos, link the logo to their website, the videoask URL, and change the favicon (the icon that displays in a browser tab).

Find out more about adding brands and logos to videoasks.

⚠️ Important: There is currently no way to limit team members' viewing access to the brands in your account. This means that if you've uploaded 10 different brand logos to your VideoAsk account, your team members can see all of these brands in the settings area of the videoasks they have permission to view.  

Only Owners and Admins of an organization can create and edit brands. If you've invited a client as an Admin to your organization, they'll automatically have access to all folders in your account.

Add custom domains for each client

If you're on our Brand plan or above, not only can you remove our VideoAsk branding and add your clients' branding, you can also use your clients' own domains in the URL of their videoasks.

By default, all videoask URLs start with "videoask.com" followed by a random ending (called a "slug") of letters and numbers.


Custom domains allow you to mask the videoask.com part of the URL so it looks like the videoasks are hosted on your own site. Note that this will only allow you to customize the URL itself, not the slug.


Find out more about setting up a custom domain here.

⚠️ Important: This is not a fully custom-branded solution. When you or your clients reply to respondents, the notification email they receive is sent from a VideoAsk email address. 

Move videoasks to other organizations

If your clients already have a videoask account, you might want to send materials and templates that you've created in your own account to their accounts. You can move a videoask to any account that you're a team member in. 


💡 Tip: Moving a videoask to another organization means you'll no longer have access to it (or any responses) in your own organization. You can duplicate the videoask and move the copied version if you want to keep the original in your own organization.

⚠️ Important: Please bear in mind that if you move a videoask that's in an organization on a paid plan to an organization on a free plan, paid features such as branding you've added may be affected or removed.

Note: You'll only be able to move a videoask if you are the owner of the organization you are moving it from, and are a team member or owner of the organization you are moving it to.

Find out more about how to move a videoask to another organization.

Recording tips

If you have a client who's a little hesitant about getting in front of the camera, these tips and tools for video editing and recording might help get them started.

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